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I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about how often we move our trailer, or home base. When we decided we wanted to travel and live in our 5th Wheel we knew how we didn’t want to travel.  No warp speed or as the motorcycle guys call it,  no “Iron Butt” traveling.  We wanted to take our time getting from one point to another.  In the past when we took vacations we had to move the trailer every three to five days in order to visit the places we wanted to see.  This is tiring.  Even though everything is self contained on the trailer, there is a certain amount of setting up and taking down involved when moving the trailer.   Gas is expensive so by minimizing the amount of travel we do with the truck,  which pulls the 5th Wheel, the lower the gas bill.

We try to pick a central spot in an area that we are interested in exploring.  It may take a day or two to travel to this area and we’re not too fussy about where we stay when moving.  We are picky about where we camp for any length of time.  We look online at different RV parks.  We use RV Parky and Good Sam.  We look for parks that are moderately priced, rated high and are scenic.  Our rule is No Parking Lots!  (We consider RV parks with lots of cement and very little in the way of natural beauty Parking Lots.  Surprisingly,  these parks are often given the highest ratings.)  Many parks offer a better price on a weekly or monthly basis so we try to take advantage of these price breaks.  From this central spot we plan day trips.  We may have one thing we know we want to see in the area, but by doing a little research we can usually come up with many other local areas to visit.  We rarely do day trips more than two days in a row.  We allow for down time and necessities such as grocery shopping, laundry, etc.  On our day trips we usually take our lunch, but even if we buy lunch its cheaper than eating out for dinner.  We always use the Jeep for getting around once we park the trailer and this saves on gas as well.