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Winchester Bay-4482
Umpqua River Lighthouse beam at night.


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We’ve left Oregon and traveled up to Spokane where our granddaughter will fly in on Tuesday.  We’ll drive up to Glacier National Park with her.  These photos were all taken north of Bandon, Oregon during June.

Umpqua River Lighthouse

All Fresnel lens are exquisite but this ruby red one is mesmerizing at night.  It was manufactured in 1890 in Paris.


The beam signal is 2 white, 1 red.  I lightened the photo up and here its possible to see the colors emanating from the beam.

Winchester Bay-4479

We toured the inside of the lighthouse.

Winchester Bay-7287

Sunlight coming through the lens.

Winchester Bay-7291

Winchester Bay-4389

Winchester Bay-4374

Winchester Bay-4383

Winchester Bay-4338

Winchester Bay-4337

Winchester Bay-4339

Looking down on the lighthouse from Hwy. 101.

Winchester Bay-7225

The view out to sea from Umpqua River Lighthouse.

Winchester Bay-7295

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

We reached this lighthouse which is in Newport after it closed.

Winchester Bay-4406

Winchester Bay-4401

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

This lighthouse is situated right over the Pacific Ocean three miles north of Newport.  It was close to dark.

Winchester Bay-4409

The rocks offshore are a nesting place for many types of birds.  These are young bald eagles.  The low light didn’t make for good photos and we don’t have a strong telephoto lens (yet).

Winchester Bay-7409

Winchester Bay-7387

Winchester Bay-7330

Winchester Bay-7321

Here you can see the other birds scatter away when the eagle flies by.

Winchester Bay-7334

Winchester Bay-7379

This egg was lying on the ground by the lighthouse.  It was quite large.

Winchester Bay-7310

Winchester Bay-7301

Heading out we drove by the harbor in Newport at sunset.

Winchester Bay-4473

Montana calls.