Oregon’s Crown Jewels

Shore Acres-4139

Once the home site of wealthy shipbuilder and lumberman Louis J. Simpson, Shore Acres State Park north of Bandon, Oregon is a piece of coastal majesty.

Rocky, craggy coastline.

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Rocks that have had the surface worn away in strange patterning.

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The original home backed up to this view of the ocean.

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Mr. Simpson maintained a meticulous garden which has been restored for park visitors to enjoy.

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Shore Acres-6801Shore Acres is interconnected with several coastal parks; Cape Arago State Park, Sunset Bay State Park and Yoakum Point State Natural Area.

The Cape Arago Lighthouse hasn’t been restored and isn’t open to the public.  It’s possible to view it from a distance.

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This rocky area where the lighthouse is situated illustrates why a lighthouse was required on this stretch of coastline.

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These small islands known as Oregon Islands are a protected area for marine wildlife.  A safe distance is required when passing the islands in a boat.

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Shore Acres, Cape Arago, Sunset Bay and Yoakum Point.  Oregon’s Crown Jewels.