New River

New River-7537
Muddy Lake

New River is a BLM wildlife refuge south of Bandon, Oregon.  We took an afternoon to walk several easy trails in the park which covered about 3-1/2 miles.

New River-7564

New River-7524

New River-4616

New River-4565

New River-4564

New River is in fact less than 120 years old.  There was a terrible flood in 1890 and the raging water carved a new channel into what was once a small creek, hence the name New River.

New River-4599
New River

New River-4612

New River-4597

Muddy Lake

New River-7531
Swallowtail butterfly

New River-4572


New River-7561

New River-7579

New River-7522

Flowers & Plants

New River-7511

New River-7590
Beach Silvertop – Glehnia littoralis
New River-7593
The patterning on this flower is beautiful

New River-7575

New River-7574

New River-7527

New River-7525

New River-7519

New River-7518

New River-4615

New River-4591

New River-4566

New River-4563

On the way home we stopped to get a pic of one of the many cranberry bogs in the area.

New River-7596

New River-7597
Cranberry plants up close

We enjoyed this peaceful place.  Its one of the most prepossessing places we’ve visited in The Bureau of Land Management system.