Cape Disappointment

Rugged Coastline
This is a continuation of the day trip we took to Long Beach Peninsula, Washington on July 22, 2015.

Cape Disappointment receives about 2552 hours of fog a year – the equivalent of 106 days – making it one of the foggiest places in the United States, says: Wikipedia.  The Ranker List placed it as one of 11 Most Miserable Places in the U.S. to live.

I guess we were very lucky to see it on a sunny day.

There are two lighthouses on this point of land where the Pacific Ocean meets the Columbia River.  The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse was completed first in 1856.  The ship originally bringing the building supplies for this lighthouse crashed below the cape.  The crew survived but the building supplies were lost.  This delayed things for three more years.  See

The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Later The North Coast Lighthouse was built on the northwestern side of the point because ships continued to be lost in this area.  It was completed in 1898.

The North Point Lighthouse

Both lighthouses are located in The Cape Disappointment State Park.  I recently did a detailed journal page on The Gray’s Harbor Lighthouse, so this post is mainly photographs.

The North Point Lighthouse

We arrived first at The North Point Lighthouse at about 5:00.  The lighthouse is open to the public but we were too late.

North Point Lighthouse

These are some pictures we took on the trail from the parking lot down to the lighthouse.

A try at Black & White
Lighthouse from the beginning of the trail
At this point the trail is below the lighthouse
Lovely Long Beach from the North Bluff

Afterwards we walked up to the Lighthouse Keepers Homes.  A little rabbit was enjoying the grass.

Duplex for the Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s Families


Hungry Bunny






This tree look like it has a hand holding a ball of light.

Tricky Light

An old water tower and a giant bee hive.


Water Tower
If you look closely you can see bees around hive

The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Trying to beat the light, we drove to the parking lot for The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.  The US Coast Guard has a busy station here.  If you want to see the lighthouse you must take a trail to it.  This lighthouse is more neglected than The North Point Lighthouse, no tours, no renovations. However the lens is given a beautiful place to reside in the Maritime Museum.  See my post on Gray’s Harbor Lighthouse.

The Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

 We took Harley with us and it turned out to be a fairly long walk (maybe 3/4 mile).  He moved right along.

Beginning of Trail. Columbia River in background. Astoria, Oregon across the river.
Coast Guard Station from trail
Coast Guard Boat Houses


Many ships have crashed against these rocks
Like everywhere else in Western Washington the trail is very green.
Coast Guard Helicopter drilling over The Columbia River

Driving back to Hoaquiam we enjoyed the sunset.

Washington has the softest, most muted sunsets I’ve ever seen.

We stopped by a waterway to take pictures
Sorbet Sky


A peaceful evening for these two egrets. A nice ending for a long day for us.

Old Friends