Port Townsend and Sequim

Port Townsend, Washington

We spent a few hours in Port Townsend on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  There are old Victorian houses, most restored and beautifully maintained and the port has daily ferries to Victoria, British Columbia.

Welcome Sign

Looking out of the cafe window where we ate lunch.

Lavender & Bicycle

Beautiful Old Downtown Buildings

Old Hotel
The town enjoys a thriving tourist trade

Hanging flowers grace the sidewalks.

Many restaurants and an old movie theater in this block


Another huge corner building

Down by the docks it feels like things have been the same for a long, long time.

Moored sailboat
The clouds blend the water, sky & docks .
A long abandoned seafood restaurant
Many docks line the port area
Antiqued appearing shop signs

Old Victorian Houses

Old house on cliff overlooking the water


Another view uphill from the docks

On our way out of town we saw this deer wandering in a residential area.  The garden behind him is protected by fencing.

A resident of Port Townsend posing for my camera

After leaving Port Townsend we planned on taking the jeep up the narrow dirt road to Deer Park, which is one of the highest points in Olympic National Park.  I read that because of the high altitude many wildflowers bloom later there and the vistas are incredible on a clear day.  The fog grew very thick as we rode up the mountain.

Deer Park Road

Further up the mountain there was a sheer drop on the passenger’s side of the car.  I’m rarely a white knuckled passenger but I was fighting to relax.  I was trying to figure out of the trees on the cliff would stop the car if we drove off it.  The fog was getting thicker with each bend of the road.  Nearing the top Bruce decided to turn around.  By that time I wanted to check out the wildflowers at the summit, but knew he was right.  I got out of the car and stood by the cliff so he could tell where the drop was when turning around.  Going downhill I noticed these delicate pink flowers on the side of the road.  This time we were next to the hill cut into the mountain so he could stop while I got a picture.

Nodding Onion - Allium cernuum
Nodding Onion – Allium cernuum


Nodding Onion - Allium cernuum
Nodding Onion – Allium cernuum

Sequim, Washington.

Another pretty town is Sequim, which is famous for its lavender farms and lavender festival which is in July each year.  This farm has a gift shop.  I bought lavender hand lotion (which smells just like fresh lavender), lavender honey (they keep bees on the property), and lavender earl grey tea.  I wanted to go to the festival but the RV parks were all booked for the event.

Row of Lavender
Lavender loves this climate!

We walked around John Wayne Harbor.  This whole town is pretty upscale and most of these boats are pleasure boats, not fishing boats as they are in most towns.

John Wayne Harbor
Grassy park by the boats in the harbor where kids played in the water.

Port Angeles

Even though we stayed in Port Angeles I didn’t take pictures there.  It does have a large, old downtown and an international port.  We ran out of time before walking the downtown, but I did get a picture of the restored courthouse still decked out in 4th of July decorations.


These are all lovely old towns full of lovely people.  We enjoyed our time here!