All Around Port Angeles Area

The Dungeness Spit, Marymere Falls and a Birthday Dinner

The View from Crescent Lake Lodge

We had a whirlwind day on Thursday, July 9, 2015.  We arrived in Port Angeles last weekend thinking we could extend our stay if we liked the RV park.  We do like it and there are a lot of things we would like to see here.  However, the RV park is full next week because the 19th annual Lavender Festival in Sequim is next weekend.  So we are trying to cram some of things we’re interested in doing into the last few days here.

Dungeness Spit

We read about the Dungeness Spit (really it’s spit, not split) in Sequim, so we headed over there after lunch. The trail down to the sand is a half mile stroll through trees and ferns. It was a bit disappointing because it is so well traveled that the dust from the trail covers all the plants with a film of dirt.  Its obvious that a lot of care was put into it all though, and you get the feeling that its weary looking because its utilized by so many people.

Trail to beach

The Spit is a 5 mile long sand bar which is covered with driftwood.

Dungeness Split with Lighthouse in distance
The spit grows each year with accumulation of more driftwood and silt.


Beach Area of Dungeness Spit being enjoyed by many people

When we got down to the sand we weren’t dressed warm enough as there was a cool breeze and we hadn’t brought a sweater or jacket.  Its supposed to have many birds to watch, but we didn’t see any that were unusual that afternoon.  We decided to take a few pictures and headed back up to the car.

Marymere Falls

We drove back into Olympic National Park to hike up to Marymere Falls before dark.  We’ve found that since it doesn’t get dark until after 9:00 pm, we avoid heavy crowds by starting popular hikes later in the day.The Marymere Falls Trail is a popular hike and can be reached by foot from Crescent Lake Lodge, which makes it even more well traveled.

We enjoyed the drive as the road follows the edge of Crescent Lake.  Its a huge lake which comes almost right up to the road .  We stopped for some pictures of the lake.

Crescent Lake

We arrived at the parking lot near the trailhead at about 5:00 pm.  The temperature was much warmer than it had been at the beach so we left our sweaters in the car and headed towards the trail.  It’s obviously a well used trail and we weren’t the only ones on the trail, but it wasn’t too much of a highway after 5:00 pm.

When first leaving the parking lot there’s a large meadow by the lake with a ranger’s station situated by a paved path.

Looking across meadow that ranger station sits on.

Before entering the trail you are greeted by a hugh maple tree.

Old Sentinel

The hike is about 2 miles long and is only considered moderate because there are steps and a couple of foot bridges to navigate.  We passed several older people who seemed fine on the trail, although I would say the last part might be a bit strenuous for some, as the steps are rather steep.



Huge Douglas fir trees line the trail.

Douglas fir



Moss grows on everything. This shows the late afternoon sun through the moss.

Mossy forest


These huge plants with the maple leaf shaped leaves line the path.  This is the first time we have observed the fruit they bear.

Beautiful contrast



Busy squirrel


Strangely shaped roots


Tiny bell shaped flowers


Late afternoon sun


The largest bridge you cross goes over Barnes Creek.

Barnes Creek
Bruce on Foot Bridge

The second bridge is quite lovely, handmade out of a split log.

Split log bridge

Split log bridge


The last steps up to the falls are narrow and a bit steep.


Bruce climbing steps


Turn a corner and the falls are in view.  Below the water rushes from the falls. This photo gives an idea of the height you reach before viewing the falls.


Water rushing downstream

And finally Marymere Falls.


A curtain of white water

Crescent Lake Lodge

Since I just had my birthday and we hadn’t had a dinner out together to celebrate, we hiked back to the car and headed to the restaurant at the lodge.  The lodge is reminiscent of a southern summer camp I used to attend in Georgia.

Crescent Lake Lodge Cabins


Lodge reception hall, restaurant, and perhaps more rooms upstairs.


I took some pictures of the interior.


Lodge Fireplace
Reception Room. Notice telephone booth in corner

We had a nice dinner overlooking the lake.  We packed in a full day and this was a wonderful way to end it; and because we both love this picture so much I’ll end the post the way I started it. Wish we were all here!

Sun setting over Crescent Lake