The Murhut Falls Trail

The Murhut Falls Trail, Duckabush River Valley

Olympic National Forest

Late Afternoon Light on Murhut Falls

We finished our touring of the Hood Canal Area on Thursday, July 2, 2015.  The last hike we took was in the Duckabush Valley, where we arrived mid-afternoon to take this moderate 1.6 mile hike.


When we arrived there were two cars parked at the trailhead, but we passed these people on their way out and we had the rest of the trail to ourselves.

Bruce starting trail

We are quickly getting into better condition.  This trail starts on a moderately steep incline.  It was an unusually hot day, about 95 degrees, and even though it was shady we were feeling the heat.  It felt very humid and rainforest like.

Young alder trees and evergreens

Soon the trail levels off.

Dappled Sunlight on trail

The trail begins a long, but not excessively steep, decline.  Here you pass through a more open area where the ferns and Oregon grape line the path.

Fairy-like atmosphere


Now the trail slopes downward in an even steeper descent and the ferns give way to a deeper forest. Very soon we began to hear water. Peeking through the trees you can glimpse a small waterfall to your right.  At first I was disappointed, thinking this was the end of the trail.

Small falls

The trail continued on however and looking upstream we could see Murhut Falls.  There is a bench at the end of the trail overlooking the falls.  We sat down, ate cookies, drank water and marveled at this hidden jewel. And it isn’t that we don’t like other people but there is something romantic about being alone in the forest, eating cookies together and watching something so beautiful. Even at our age, even when you have been married for 42 years.

There are actually two falls, one very high one, then a ledge, then another fall below that.

A sheer curtain of water
Notice the moss and ferns growing in crevices of the rock
Foamy Water.

Here I’ll add a video of the falls

 Hidden gems…you just have to find them.