A Day in the Hood Canal Area

The Ranger Hole Trail in Duckabush River Valley, Olympic National Forest

Maura in Moss Covered Tree

I went back through our many photos of the last two weeks, and found that I left out a day trip we did with our grandaughter on June 21, 2015.  We did this hike and then traveled to the Mt. Walker lookout.

The hike is so named because of the good fishing which the rangers enjoy and we passed a couple of fly fisherman on the trail.  This hike is about 1-1/2 miles round trip and its classified as moderate.  There are fairly steep steps to navigate.

Bruce on flat part of trail

This incredibly beautiful plant was along the trail.  Its a Ghost Plant and is in fact a plant, not a fungus or mushroom.  It can’t produce its own chlorophyll, so it lives on another plant but it reciprocates by providing nutrients for the other plant.

Monotropha unifloria
Ghost Flower (Monotropha unifloria)


The trail ends at a cliff overlooking the Hamma Hamma River.


Ranger Fishing Hole

 Maura clambered down and walked on the rocks a bit after we had her reassurance that she wouldn’t go into the water.  It moves very swiftly here and even the pools have strong underlying current.

Down by the River


Reflections in the fishing hole

 Views from Mount Walker

We followed Duckabush Road back to Hwy. 101 and headed for Mount Walker.  This is a 2,804 ft. mountain with two lookouts.  You can see Puget Sound, the Hood Canal, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainer and other snow capped mountains.  Here are some of the photos we took.

Mountain Vistas
Cascade Mountain Peaks
Valley Below Mt. Walker
Cascade Mountains

And of course some flowers I saw on Mount Walker.

No ID yet



Lupine (I think)

As Bruce put it the other day, we’ve seen a lot of forests but nothing like this.  Washington is downright drop dead gorgeous!