Good Night Oregon Moon


This is the last post I’m doing on the area around Bend, Oregon.  I took the above photo on one of our last nights in Crescent.  We left Crescent on Thursday morning and arrived in White Salmon, Washington about 4:00.  The ride took us through some high desert, then back down to the Deschutes River again, then out towards the Columbia River.

I didn’t want to close my journaling about Bend until I shared some photos I took of the city itself.  Bend is a tidy, old fashioned but modern town.  The parks are amazing.  Every store you need is there.  Bruce spent time at St. Charles Medical Center getting an MRI of his knee and the facility is new and impressive.  The staff couldn’t have been nicer.  We only rode by some of the schools, but they look as beautiful as the parks are..  Bend would be a great place to raise a family and to grow old in.

On one of our last days in Crescent we drove out to Paulina Lake.  It was pretty cold and was raining but we walked the short distance out to see the Paulina Creek Falls, then took the drive by the lake.

We stopped to take a picture of these Oregon ducks.



Then this old sign by a tiny resort and marina caught our eye.


We’re lucky to be living like this right now.  We worked hard and provided for our kids as well as we could.  Even so many people work just as hard and never get a chance to see this country on such a personal level.  We are lucky and we are thankful.

Good Night Oregon Moon!