Sisters Oregon



Sisters Oregon is about 30 minutes out of Bend, Oregon on Oregon Hwy 20.  We spent a couple of days poking around the town of Sisters and some of the surrounding area.  We’re still staying in the small town of Crescent, Oregon.

Sisters is named after the three majestic peaks that crown over this area.  Its a very old town by Western United States standards.  In the mid 1800’s the army began Fort Polk there in response to the need for protection against the Indians in the area.  This turned out to be a non-existent issue however and the troops soon left.   It was then homesteaded, soon a post office opened and the town grew up around the post office  The name of the town was changed from Fort Polk to Sisters.  The town was incorporated in 1946 and at that point was known mainly as a logging town.  By the 1970’s the town began transforming itself into a mecca for artists and tourists.  It has done a beautiful job in maintaining this rustic but sophisticated persona. Its two main annual events are The Sister’s Quilt Show and the longstanding Sisters Rodeo.

On the next post I’ll cover some of the outdoor beauty to be experienced near Sisters, Oregon.