The Cottage at Empire State Historic Park


Empire Mine State Historic Park, Grass Valley, California

The Bourne Family were the owners of The Empire Mine, which was one of the richest gold mines in California.  The Bourne Family spent most of their time in San Francisco, and were the builders of the Filoli Mansion and Gardens in Woodside, California.  They also built the “cottage” in Grass Valley.  Even though it was used only briefly each year by the family, it had amenities that were not available to them in San Francisco.  The power required to operate the mine provided the cottage with electricity and it had indoor plumbing as well.
I’ve toured Filoli Mansion and there are marked similarities with the two houses.  The interior walls and ceilings are of beautiful California Redwood.  The grounds, although not as opulent as Filoli now,  most likely rivaled the Woodside estate when the Bourne Family owned it.

These are pictures of the Cottage and Gardens.  The Sewing Room was my favorite!