Fly Fishing 101

I Got One!

We went out today with a fly fishing guide, Chris, from The Fly Shop in Redding.

I’ve never fished before and I learned fast that fly fishing will take a long time to get the hang of.  Our guide was patient and took us from the very beginning of setting up the pole, to practice, to actual fishing from a boat.  We learned that each place you visit requires different flies, and even if you fish the same area you need to know what bugs are in what stage of life so you can mimic what the fish are seeing at that time.  We went down the Sacramento and he would stop the boat in each area where he knew the fish to be and we would cast and fish.

We were so busy that there was little time for taking pictures.  Besides I was trying not to tangle my pole and to absorb as much information as I could.  I did manage to bring in a HUGE rainbow trout.  Chris said it was about 18″.  Its a wild trout, native to the Sacramento river so it isn’t legal to keep these fish.  So we took a couple of pictures and let him go.  He said that in other areas this fish would be an unusually large rainbow to catch because they are stocked and not native to most areas, but here its not so much so.

It was wild bringing him in.  I had heard that fish were strong and this guy really was.  It was fun!!  Today I caught more than a big rainbow trout,  I think I caught the fly fishing bug.

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