Turtle Bay, Redding, California

Beauty in the Gateway to Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen

Redding 5



My blog is something I’m beginning to enjoy doing.  I’ve learned a lot about  getting around on the internet and setting up a blog in WordPress.com so I’m not so stressed anymore.  I’m sure if I try to change anything I’ll be confused again.  If anyone who reads it has ideas on things I should include or change, or if you have any good additions such as plugins that would be helpful for me, please send me a comment.  I appreciate the people who have signed up to read it. I know most of you, but there are a few new names I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting before.  I hope you all enjoy going on this trip with Bruce and me.  It is a dream we had for a long time and we really are enjoying it!

We are staying right now in a lovely RV park right on the Sacramento River.  We took a day visit to Turtle Bay because we had heard so much about the beautiful Sundial Bridge and gardens there.

Redding 6

Redding 7

Last weekend they had a fly fishing expo there and we both tried our hand.  We liked it so much that we scheduled a half day next Monday with a guide to help us learn a little more.

The Park has some lovely mosaics.

Redding 2
Redding 15
The River Ecology

The Sundial Bridge is worth the trip alone

Redding 5

Redding 23
Close up of Mt. Lassen from the bridge

The Gardens demonstrate using drought resistant plants.

Redding 11Redding 13Redding 21

Redding 19We saw butterflies, birds and a cute little brown dog.

Redding 12Redding 17

Redding 18

If you live in the bay area Redding is a great weekend destination.

Life is made of the little things, like Harley.  Enjoy them!