Prospect, Oregon Do You Believe in Fairies?

Fairy Land


If you visit this part of the world you need to let go of being a grown-up for awhile.  We took our granddaughter who was nine at the time and in the midst of fairy obsession.

We stayed at a cute RV park in Prospect, called Crater Lake RV Park.  I can recommend the park for its cleanliness, helpful staff, beautiful sites, etc.  If I had to rate it I’d give it at least a 9 or 10.  They host a BBQ dinner each Friday night, with a campfire and live fiddle music.  Its a fun place to stay.

The best thing about the place though is its close proximity to The Little People.

The park backs up to a tributary of the Rogue River.  The wildflowers are everywhere, the trees are moss covered.  Almost everything is touched by the color green.  I took a lot of pictures there.  After you see them I think you will understand why.  I hope you see a fairy or two.  They are there, you just have to look with the eyes of that child inside you that isn’t really gone.  Its probably just forgotten with all the grown-up stuff you have to do.  Put the adult world aside for awhile.  Being a grown-up isn’t anything as much fun as finding fairies.

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