Crater Lake, Please Drink the Water!

How Often Do You Hear a National Park Ranger Invite You to Drink Lake Water?



Clark’s Nutcraker


The answer of course is almost never. But if you take the boat tour around the perimeter of Crater Lake the ranger will encourage you to try the water. Its really that clean.  We didn’t get to go on the boat trip last summer because things were still closed due to snow.  Bruce and I have taken it in the past though and it is worth the strenuous hike down and up the cliff to the lake.  Do take mosquito repellent with you.  They are horrible!!


Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and the 6th deepest in the world,  at almost 2,000 feet deep.  There are no rivers flowing in or out of it.  Before the 1800s no fish lived in Crater Lake and after the ones living there now are fished out, no more will be replaced.  Isn’t our National Park system amazing?  They research how things were before the hoards of humans stomped through, then they set about making our national treasures the way they used to be.  Thank You Park Service!!!

(I did love the fire-fall in Yosemite when I was little though.  Unnatural though it was and wish my kids could have seen it.)

Rocking Chairs Outside Crater Lake Lodge

I wasn’t prepared for the beauty of Crater Lake the first time I glimpsed it.   I thought nothing could compare with the majesty of Yosemite, but this place does.

The day we saw it shrouded in fog was a gift.  Its beauty was muted and soft, with a very different feel from the intense blue seen on a sunny day.   Sad for the people who only had one day to visit but good for those of us lucky enough to witness the contrast.