Lassen National Park, What Lies Beneath

If You Want to See What’s Below the Ground You’re Walking On, Take a Trip to Lassen

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Alpine Flowers

Flowers adorn the hills, trails, meadows and roads.  They thrive in the least comfortable terrain.

Lassen 28

Lassen 29Lassen 30

Lassen 26

Lassen 13

 There are beautiful Lakes

Lassen 20Lassen 18Lassen 19

Boiling Sulfur Pits Lassen 14

Lassen 15Lassen 16

Lassen 17

and a Hot Rock that was carried down the mountain

Lassen 8


and was still “Sizzling in the water,” 40 hours after Mt. Lassen erupted in 1915.

Lassen 9

Today, kids can still appreciate this rock.  If not for its history at least for its size

Lassen 10


So Remember: Kids understand that Life is made up of the small things.  Enjoy them!